Qufu Teachers

Qufu Normal University Team

Max Resnik (Skidmore College ’11) created this blog. He is excited for this opportunity and plans to document his year in Qufu in film, image and story.





Sarah Jeffery (Skidmore College ’07) is starting her second year as a teacher at Qufu Normal University. She hopes to improve her spoken Chinese and add more stamps and visas to her passport.



Eliza Dunaway (Skidmore College ’11) begins her first teaching position at Qufu Normal University this year!  She is excited to meet her students and explore Qufu.  Follow her adventure here.



Rob Campbell (Skidmore College ’10) is excited to be starting his first year at Qufu Normal University teaching Sophomore Oral English and Freshman Listening. With significant experience studying Chinese language, Rob hopes to build his fluency while in China, using it to expand his engagement with Chinese culture outside of the classroom and to boost his understanding of his students’ perception of the English language.



Xingtan College Team

Annie Bruckner (Skidmore College ’11) is excited to spend the next year learning about Chinese culture and language. She studied English and Government at Skidmore College and is teaching writing and phonetics at Xingtan College.


Nick Liu-Sontag (Skidmore College ’11) is looking forward to an exciting year of travelling, teaching English and learning Chinese. He’s excited to explore and document the great natural and cultural beauty of China.


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